Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Rockin the Socks.

Sockin the rocks.
Since Elli injured herself somehow, I've been pretty meticulous about how she's been exercising. She hasn't been allowed any hard play or chase games indoors due to her sliding around on our hardwood floors. The sliding may have been the cause of the injury or may have just made it hurt more. The past week I've had to carry her inside because she wanted to run around so badly outside even though her muscle was sprained; there was no other way to make her quit. She's spent most of her time in her hard-sided crate, bored.

As I started thinking about hardwood floors, I began to wonder if there were any products out there that help dogs to walk on slippery surfaces -- surely Elli wasn't the only dog struggling with this. I researched it and found Woodrow Wear's Power Paws Doggy Traction Socks. They have a paw print of non-slip material on one side of each sock, to allow dogs ample traction when walking on the floors. They were created for older dogs with arthritis or hip dysplasia who can't get up from laying down because the floor is so slippery beneath their feet, but, as Elli is an example of: older dogs aren't the only ones that struggle with this. They are quite spendy; $20 for four measly socks, plus shipping, but the clearance ones are 50% off! And come in all the same sizes. So who cares if Elli's new socks are lime green with fat bunnies on them? She can walk and run without sliding everywhere!

Woodrow Wear has a printable size chart, which I highly recommend instead of basing your doggy's size on breed standard weight, or your intuition. Elli's feet are, according to the size chart, an XL -- that of a Shepherd, a Rottie or a Basset Hound, but Elli will never be the size or weight (95-130lbs) of any of those breeds!

The socks fit her paws perfectly... however, since her ankles aren't the size of a Shepherd's, Rottie's or Basset's, they slide off quite easily. I was happy to pin the socks tighter around her ankles so they don't slide off. And Elli was happy to wear them!! I was sincerely expecting her to bite and claw at the socks, especially after I tightened them, but she accepted them wholeheartedly -- I was also giving her cookies for not touching the socks, so that may have something to do with her good behavior... ;)

They can be used outdoors as well, but will likely wear down quicker than if they are just indoor apparel.

Even though it's pretty blurry, I really like this picture.
As for Elli's injury, she's not limping half as much as she was last week. She's definitely getting better but I plan to keep her pretty immobile for a few more days. No injury can bring her down though -- she's still as happy-go-lucky as they come. We played tag today in the yard after work, only for a little while though, until she crashed into a very large fern and gave up, haha.


Vegan Flower said...

I'm glad to hear that she's getting better! We're in the process of ripping up all of our carpeting & putting down laminate, so we were just talking about this earlier today. Your post came at the perfect time! I knew about booties, but had no idea that there were socks like this out there. I'm going to order my girls a few pairs tonight. They've already gotten rambunctious & fallen, so I've been a bit worried. I wish they had these when Bruno was alive. He would often have trouble walking on our old house's floors because he had arthritis and hip dysplasia. :(

Oh, and the lime color with bunnies is adorable!

Ximena said...

I was just reading about your new laminate! It looks exactly like the kind we put in nearly six years ago - we love it!

I'm glad that my post is helpful to you!! :D And your pups. Sounds like they'll come in quite handy at your place. And I think you're serving the memory of Bruno well by already proofing your current pups of falls that could injure them even before they get to Bruno's age.

Let me know - or post about it! - how the socks work out for you!

Vegan Flower said...

I'll definitely be posting about them! I ended up ordering a different brand called Soxy Paws, which came in some pink colors. :)

Vegan Flower said...

How much does Elli weigh and what size did you get? We finally got the ones I ordered today and they are much smaller than the site we got them from stated. They fit, but barely, so I might end up ordering some from where you got them from eventually. I printed off the size chart and they would be either a medium or large, but it's hard to tell. According to the weights they have listed, Rowan would be small and Emma medium. I'm confused now!

Ximena said...

Oh no!! Elli weighs 34lbs now, but her paws were a size XL! I was thinking of re-ordering a smaller size because even though they fit her paws just fine, they do slide off very, very easily, even with the pins in. I got them too big, you got them too small! Ha.

I definitely would go according to the weights, if I were you.

Oh, and if you're a bargain shopper like me, here you can get twice as many socks for the same amount of money! (plus they have pink!),485&GEN1=Dog+Apparel&T1=D98061+BL+XS&dispRow=0&srccode=

(and the weight listings are the same as Woodrow Wear's listings).

Hope this helps!