Sunday, June 12, 2011

Not so good, just okay.

I planned today to be a purely photo-based post but then I went and forgot my camera on our walk today!

Annoying. So here's an oldie:
Elli's still not doing so well. She's thrown up another two times since going to Dove Lewis at 3AM. She's just not acting like herself either... she's very quiet, very slow, very lethargic. She will still wag and whatnot, give kisses to random strangers, look cute as a button, but I can tell she's not feeling 100% still.

We've begun adding Pedialite to her water, to see if we can keep her hydrated that way, she's not drinking an awful lot, and if she does, I'm afraid she'll just throw it back up again.

Since she's spent the better part of two days resting inside, I decided to take her on a long walk today. It was about 5.3 miles, a good 2 hours. It was surprisingly humid outside, no sun, but warm enough to walk without a jacket. We walked to a Farmers' Market and bought some radishes and some muffins, then to a doggy store to pick up some cheap (but good quality) cat food for a feral cat (part of a Trap Neuter Release program) I'm feeding, then to a tea shop where I put Elli into a down-stay while Dad and I ate our muffins and drank some tea, then finally to the feeding station where I laid out some food for the cat and back home again. Elli handled everything like an angel, she walked right next to me the entire time on a loose leash (very unlike her, she usually likes to be out in front, but today seemed less eager).

She's still on the bland diet, though I can't say that it's filling her up much, even though she's getting nearly 5 meals a day. She eats like she's being starved, in a hurry. :( It's sad.

In better news: I have an interview tomorrow evening at a purely positive-based dog training and playcare place. The position is radically different from the kennel and is centered on learning and growing as a trainer. I personally think it could be the best fit imaginable. It's also within 5 miles of where I live -- way better than 28 miles out, if you ask me! So, wish me luck! Goodness knows I'll need the money.

Tomorrow I'm also going to take Elli to Dr. Steve for an x-ray, to rule out the possibility of foreign object ingestion and potential surgery. D: I'm really scared. Cross your fingers for us.